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Camping photo album of Camp Kozica will evoke at least part of the atmosphere that awaits you. Unspoiled nature, perfectly clean sea, pleasure as you can provide only on holiday with us. Something that you will remember after you visit us we are confident that you will be constantly coming back. See what our photo gallery, and what we can offer in our Camp Prawns. For further information please contact us via e-mail or on our phone numbers.

Camping photo album of Camp Kozica will be constantly updated with new photographs, so all potential guests have full insight into the current state of the Camp Kozica. With the photo gallery you will soon have a chance to see our camp taken from the air. Season 2015 brings us many new features, among others, the panorama shots from the air that will introduce you from our business partners.

In this way we achieve the perfect effect for all of you, and before coming to Camp Kozica want to know what exactly you expected, what is the area of the camp, how far away is from the Adriatic Sea, how is the look of the natural beauty and the kind of location where our Camp Kozica is located. Thus, the camping photo album is just the beginning, so regularly check this website at where you will be able to se a new photos and video materials.